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Fitness Studio was founded in 2000 by Tony Fumagalli pioneering the market of resaling used guaranteed gym equipment. Its deposits distributed on a surface covered with 3,000 meters have a residual stock of more than 1200 machines all ready for delivery in Italy and throughout Europe.

Fitness Studio is a flexible and dynamic company with a high level of professionalism in the care of products ready to be introduced in the wellness market, at very attractive prices.

Fitness Studio in 2012 decided to start producing its own line and presented  it at the Rimini Wellness Fair.  These are machines with high technological level and attractive design, ideal for gyms, clubs, hotels, camping sites, and for individuals who want to create mini fitness rooms within the home environment.

Equipment is all “Made in Italy” designed to last and built by us with cutting-edge materials that make them mechanically perfect. The pride of this new collection designed by Tony Fumagalli is the Leg Press, ergonomic and efficient. The seat and back are customized on request and offer great comfort and perfect fit even in conditions of maximum stress.

The new plate-loaded equipment designed and manufactured by Fitness Studio are delivered to the customer in a very short time through trucks.

With Fitness Studio customers have the option to return old equipment and then receive feedback on the purchase of new merchandise. You can visit the farm seven days a week, by appointment, to inspect and test the product you wish to purchase.


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