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Crossbowline mezza gabbia e Multipower
Crossbowline Gabbia Singola


Width: 3980mm
Height: 2300mm
Depth: 1360mm

Dimensioni Mezza Gabbia
Standard Execution

A complete machine, one of the best solutions for having a professional area dedicated to functional training.

Together with the usual equipment of Functional Training, the Crossbow Line offers the possibility to make the most of both the classic exercises (1st level) and the more advanced exercises (2nd level). There are also a number of other exercises entirely new and highly effective which can be done using this advanced Functional Training System.

With about 12 workstations that allow countless training solutions, we believe to be today the most complete and effective technological system for Functional Training, completely modular, adaptable, customizable, compatible with Barbells, Boxing bags, TRX, Parallel Bars, and rubber bands.

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